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The Republican-controlled House approved a 20-bill package on Wednesday and Thursday; every bill won support from at least 90 members of the 110-seat chamber."Seventeen-year-olds are not adults," said Rep.

The House proposal would retain prosecutors' authority to ask a judge for a waiver to try juveniles in adult court in felony cases, and in cases such as murder, rape and armed robbery, automatically designate juveniles to the adult system without judicial approval.

Keeping intact those options alleviates some of law enforcement's worries.

Toni Bunton served 17 years for second-degree murder after being the getaway driver in a marijuana deal that ended in a shooting.

She said she was raped and assaulted, including by male guards. Jennifer Granholm commuted her 25- to 50-year sentence in 2008, and Bunton was part of a 0 million settlement between the state and hundreds of female inmates."Please consider that the kids that end up in the system come from mostly poor areas, and they come from areas where they have adults who hurt them or neglect them," she told lawmakers in December.

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Harvey Santana, D-Detroit, joins fellow lawmakers in advocating for bills that would raise to 18 the age at which criminal offenders are considered adults during a news conference at the Capitol in Lansing, Mich., on Dec. LANSING — Seventeen-year-olds can't vote, drop out of school or buy cigarettes in Michigan.